Amazon Fire TV stick Vs. Formuler; Why Formuler is Better? 

Fire TV stick Vs. Formuler; which is better? We’ve found people asking this question quite often. This is because they are confused about the superiority of one streaming device over another.


Though both streaming devices come with powerful features, we are at the side of Formuler; there are reasons for it. Formuler comes with additional power and attractiveness in its features. It delivers more convenient streaming, is budget-friendly, and works beyond expectations for your entertainment purposes.


Below we have compared the features of both streaming devices and let you know why we prefer Formuler over Amazon Fire TV Stick.


What is Amazon Fire TV Stick? 

Amazon Fire TV Stick


It is a media streaming device that lets you stream your favorite content online. In this advanced world, his media streaming device is a plus. It is built on the Android platform and amazingly converts your conventional TV to a smart TV.


The best thing about this fire TV stick is that it helps you get your desired music on your device. Not only this, but it also allows you to install various apps and play games that you love most. It is no bigger than a USB and gets easily fitted into your TV for your entertainment.



Controlling Features

This fire stick comes with an easy-to-handle and uses a remote that lets you have complete control over your TV’s functions. With this remote, you can easily make your TV work just the way you want it.


However, additionally, it comes with a voice control feature that frees you from using your hands anyway. You can switch on the voice control button on your remote and use your voice to make it work accordingly.


Moreover, this fire stick comes with convenient parental control settings. This is a great feature to restrict your children from watching mature content. To benefit from this feature, you need to set up the PIN.


You can set this PIN to the content of your choice, like the apps in the Amazon App store and the TV shows and movies in Amazon Prime, come with an age group maturity rating.


Connectivity Support

Unlike Formuler, the Amazon fire stick comes with only HDMI connectivity support. This means you can only plug in the devices which come with HDMI support.



Amazon fire stick is straightforward and convenient to use; it’s no bigger than a USB that you can plug into your streaming TV. It is compact and smaller in size. It doesn’t require strict and careful handling.


Its setting-up is extremely simple; head towards an HDMI port on your television and plug your fire stick. Grab your remote and make it work just the way you want it. This simple plugin will let you have complete control over your streaming device and you and enjoy watching your favorite content, playing games, and listening to the music of your choice.


Working Mechanism 

Amazon fire stick needs to be plugged into an HDMI port of your television to work. However, besides this port, it also requires a power slot nearby to work correctly. This means it needs its power at the same time when it’s providing you with houseful entertainment.


However, you need a strong internet connection to make it work for you. It comes to lets you enjoy everything that’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. You can also watch video tutorials on YouTube.


 Tracking Data Usage

With Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can record all the data consumption. You can use its data monitoring feature and get all the records of what has been your data consumption previously. You can also set your preferred viewing quality to manage your data usage within a specific time frame.


 What is Formuler TV Box? 

Formuler CC is a 21st-century media streaming box that lets you enjoy your favorite content at any time of your choice. This Android-based OTT streaming box comes with a wide variety of TV shows, film series, sports, and all the other content of your choice.


Additionally, you can likewise stop, rewind, quick forward the media you watch. Most likely, the best thing regarding this DVR is that you don’t need to burn through a tremendous amount of cash to enjoy whatever it offers. This TV box is light on pocket and heavier regarding impression.



A brief description of the Formuler TV box features is given below;


Connectivity Support: This media streaming box supports multiple device connectivity. With powerful support for USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0a CEC, ANT IN.(DVB-T/C Tuner or ATSC Tuner), IR REC, DC IN (12V 1.5A), Ethernet LA, that lets you connect it with any device of your choice.


User-Friendly Interface: It comes with an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface. With this interface, access to its functionality is straightforward. You can use your TV to meet all your requirements.


Ease of Use: This TV box is straightforward to use and connect. You have to figure out what connectivity port your streaming device comes with and plug this box into it. With its easy to handle remote control, you can make it work according to your choice. Also, you can use its voice control feature to command it over voice and make it work accordingly.


So, Why Formuler TV is better?


There are many other features of the Formuler TV box, but these three areas are enough to discuss here to prove its superiority over the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Considering all these features, Formuler TV is winning 10/10. Firstly, it supports multiple device connectivity, which the Fire Stick doesn’t offer. You can plug in your Formuler box in whatever media streaming device you have to enjoy your favorite content.


And secondly, unlike Formuler TV, Fire Stick needs an additional power port to get charged and provide you the content of your choice simultaneously. This is not the case with Formuler TV; you need to plug it into your device and enjoy watching all the media.


So, if you want to spend some money on buying an attractive and advanced streaming box for your entertainment, the Formuler box is the right choice. It comes with a wide range of options to choose from, and you get to enjoy entertaining content in a budget-friendly way.