How to resolve error code 7, 403?

If you encounter Error code 7, 403, Try the troubleshooting steps below.

?Applicable models: ✅ All models The reason why you see “Error Code 7” is because of a connection failure between your device and service.

Read through the steps below to troubleshoot your issue.

? If the error occurred the very first time you tried to connect to the service…

  • Make sure that your internet connection is working by checking another app like Youtube on your Formuler device
  • Check if the portal URL is input correctly
    • Try to input portal URL in any web-browser to verify if the URL you use is correct and accessible
    • Ask your service provider for the correct portal URL
  • Make sure that you gave a correct MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A:… to your service provider in case you use Stalker portal connection
    • ID is shown on the sticker at the bottom of the device or on the screen where you input portal URL
  • Contact your service provider and ask if your service is valid and correctly activated for your
    • MAC-ID: 00:1A:… or your credentials: Username/Password or your M3U playlist
  • If your M3U playlist works, try XC api login by converting your M3U long url to XC API credential

? If the service was working well before but now you see the Code 7 error…

  • Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough and other apps like Youtube work well
  • Contact your service provider and ask if your home IP is banned/blocked or if your account is locked
  • Go to Portal edit screen where you input your service info and check if anything has changed
  • Input your portal URL in any web-browser using your phone or PC and verify that the URL is correct
    • It should load a web-page without any error and accessible from your home network

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