Troubleshoot “No Signal” , “Invalid Signal” , “No Image” , “HDCP 2.2 error” on TV

? Basic Checks

  • Try to use another HDMI cable, and use other HDMI port on TV
  • Bypass any A/V receiver in the device chain and connect the Formuler directly to your TV using the HDMI cable
  • If available, try to connect your Formuler to a different TV or monitor to check for signal
  • Verify and Select the correct Input on the TV

Next, check supported resolutions on your TV. Formuler device might be set to an incompatible HDMI output mode.

  • Turn ON the TV
  • Pull the power from your Formuler device
  • Plug power back into the Formuler device
  • Wait at least 2 minutes for the Formuler to boot up
  • Press and hold the resolution button for 5 seconds on your Formuler remote Output resolution of the Formuler will automatically be set to a safe resolution.  “HDMI auto adaptation option enabled” message is displayed.

? HDMI Auto adaptation option

  • You can also set HDMI auto adaptation option manually from the settings.
  • Applicable models: Z8 Pro,  Z8,  Z+ Neo, Z Alpha
    • Home > Settings > Display > Auto-select best resolution : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z7+ 5G, Z7+, Zx 5G, Zx, Z+, Z prime
    • Home > Settings > Android > Display > HDMI auto adaptation : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z nano
    • Home > System > Android > Display > Optimal display format : enable this option

? How to turn off HDCPApplicable models: Z8 Pro, Z8, Z+ Neo, Z Alpha

Follow the steps below to turn off HDCP.

  • On your Formuler, Go to Home > Open the Android Settings
  • Scroll down and open Advanced Options
  • Select HDMI CEC, HDCP
  • Scroll down to “Enable HDCP” and turn that option OFF
  • Exit from Android settings
  • Turn off your Formuler device and turn it back on.

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