Formuler Z10se; Specs and Features 

In the Formuler series, Formuler Z10se comes with advanced features and budget costs and offers the preferable services to its users. From simple to-utilize TV, upgraded launcher, and general Android application similarity make this the ideal gadget for cord-cutting. Here are some specs and features that you need to know about Z10se.




  • Hisilicon Quad-core CPU
  • 4K Output Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Multi-core high-performance GPU
  • 2GB DDR 4 Ram
  • 4GB Storage
  • Android 10 Operating System
  • Ethernet 100 mbps
  • Wi-Fi 2.4
  • USB – 1


What’s in the Box?

  • FORMULER Z10se
  • Two batteries
  • TV cable
  • Basic IR Learning Remote
  • Power adapter
  • Quick Setup Guide


Features; Complete Description

Following is the complete description of features that Z10se comes with;


Regular OTA Software Updates

The Z10se is designed to have free and regular software updates that add a lot to its presentation and long life. These updates keep it running better and give you an unmatched streaming experience however long it lives.


HDR-Color Display

Z10se accompanies excellent picture quality. Its rich and futuristic shadings let you enjoy a selective watch without fail. The color distribution, both the brightness and darkness, is set to give a genuine like, more natural, and excellent image to appreciate the view whenever you sit to enjoy your favorite content.


Powerful Multi-Screen Picture-in-Picture

Formuler Z10se lets you enjoy two of your favorite TV shows, events, or movie simultaneously.


This model comes with a powerful multi-screen Picture-in-picture feature to play two of your favorite contents together. With this feature on your TV, you can swap through the PiP and the main channel and enjoy the action on two different tracks.


Smart Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The next thing regarding this android box that draws us most towards liking it is its powerful DVR innovation. With this innovation, you can record your favorite content to enjoy later on.


The best thing regarding this innovation is that it doesn’t give you trouble using it; It’s easy to use and lets you have easy access to all of its features even as a beginner user.


To profit from this component, you would need to set up the box for recording, and it captures for you all your TV shows, events, movies, and other media that you can enjoy watching in your free time.


Along these lines, when you are desirous of enjoying your favorite movies/events/TV shows/anything, this DVR has got you covered.




MYTVOnline2 is a truly outstanding and most developed media platform supported by the Formuler series. This platform gives an expert and optimized User Interface to make the user’s experience to another level.


Furthermore, the platform is noteworthy because it supports consistent integration and overall improvement with the Android framework. This permits clients to play any media content of their choice and quickly view the menus with the quickest speed.


This, however, this Formuler model likewise comes supporting Live TV through USB Over-the-Air-Tuner.


Essential Connectivity

Formuler Z10 star accompanies steady and ideal help for all the connectivity choices to help you enjoy watching all 4K streaming media content. Its performance is super-efficient and quickest. It has exceptional support for every one of the gadgets you need to enjoy watching your 4K TV shows, events, movies, or other substance.


Super-fast and Efficient

What’s makes a 4K media streaming box super-fast and efficient? Well. That is its powerful RAM and excessive storage limit.


Formuler Z10se has the fastest known storage among all available TV boxes in the market and has enormous storage to save up all your favorite shows, movies, and other content.


So, If your cable/satellite TV is not meeting your modern-day needs and choices, getting z10se for your entertainment is probably the best choice. With ample space and powerful running, it provides you with everything that a conventional TV cannot.


You can save as much of your favorite content to watch later or make it function super-quick according to your requirements.


Optimized Android IPTV Platform

Formuler Z10se provides you with one of the best and most advanced IPTV and OTT experiences at a budget-friendly cost. This feature helps you enjoy hundreds of your favorite content online without having to pay any extra amount.


Having Z10se at home means you can easily cut the cord, save up the money, yet enjoy the unlimited content of your choice anytime.


Intuitive User Experience

Moreover, this fantastic and robust streaming box comes with an amazing and easy-to-use Interface that helps you connect with it better and faster.


Additionally, it comes with an easy-to-handle and uses remote control that lets you have complete control over it, and conveniently use it to make your streaming box work according to your choice.


Not only this, but the controller comes with a voice control feature that lets you command over its functionality through your voice. To benefit from this feature, you have to switch on the voice control button and voice command your controller to work for you as you want.


This single remote gives you everything expected to control your TV’s capacities and execution.


Best Decoding Technology

This Formuler model also comes with a built-in premium-quality audio decoding software. This software allows you to enjoy the most fantastic audio on your streaming platform.


Why Buy Formuler Z10se?

Well, the choice for buying this streaming box depends significantly upon your preferences. However, the most obvious reasons why we suggest you buy this are


  1. It is cost-effective.
  2. It provides you unlimited media 4K streaming options.
  3. Its continuous and free software updates keep it long-living and better functioning throughout.
  4. It allows you to save your favorite content to watch later on.
  5. The premium-grade image quality lets you make the most out of it at a lesser price.




Formuler Z10se is a high-level media streaming platform with superb and unmatched features. It lets you have an extraordinary 4K streaming experience at home while saving a lot of money that you paid for cable or satellite TVs.


Every one of its features illuminates the streaming experience for the user and makes it ever-lasting. It immensely changes your home-viewing experience a genuine theater-like. It’s an excellent option for you to go for if you are planning to cut the cord and shift to some newer, advanced, and budget streaming platforms.