Tips and Tricks to Cut the Cord and still watch TV 2022

Want to enjoy some live streaming services in a lesser fee but don’t know how to cut the cord? We’ve got you covered!


Cable TVs have now become an old-fashioned way of enjoying your favorite content and TV shows rather. While it provides you with an extensive list of content to enjoy, it doesn’t allow you to have complete control over what you want to want at a specific time.


With this lack of control, the streaming platforms have successfully replaced the conventional cable TVs. These streaming platforms are not only featured-pack but save your monthly cost as well.

In this article, we will tell you about some fantastic tips and tricks on how you can cut the Cord without losing sight of your favorite TV media.


How to cut the Cord; 7 simple steps to follow

The cutting process can quickly become complicated as you might have to spend days and weeks researching for the best way of cutting the Cord. However, to keep it simple for you, we have prepared a simple 7-step guide that you can follow to cut the Cord easily without facing any trouble.


Check your Cable TV Bill

This is probably the first step you are supposed to follow while Cutting the Cord. You need to check the bill to see if you’ve got any contracts signed that can make you pay the penalty if you cut the subscription off before time. This can cost you much more money than you might have ever thought, so the best way is to check for the contracts and, if there is any, wait for the right time when the contract is over. If you sign no contract, you can move ahead to following the next step.


Get a High-speed Internet Connection

The next step in the cord-cutting process is to get a high-speed internet connection for yourself. Shifting to live streaming services is the best way to save up your money and still enjoy watching your favorite content. However, this shifting requires high internet connections to provide you with all the entertainment you want.


Consider these three factors while getting an internet connection for you; price, download speed, data caps. 


It is best to consider getting an internet connection that will cost you between $50 and %75 dollars a month. However, it is better to get a router of your own instead of renting out the internet service that might cost you more.


Consider the internet plans that provide you with greater download speed, as they will help you enjoy your live streaming without any lag. We recommend buying an internet connection with a download speed of 50 Mbps to 10 Mbps. However, if you get the one with 200 Mbps, it will be even better.

Lastly, you don’t need to go for getting any data caps at this step. “The Internet Only Plans” is enough for you to have a better viewing experience.


Set a Streaming TV Budget

This is the third and the most important step you need to follow. As you’ve already figured out how much a cable TV costs you, you can now set up a streaming budget. For this, you need to subtract cable TV cost from the live streaming service’s.  This way you’ll get to know how much you are saving in shifting from cable TV to live streaming services.


Get a Streaming Device

Well, for this, you don’t need to pay much. You can buy an entry-level streaming device to enjoy live streaming at home. Though the streaming services don’t have additional monthly charges and cable bundles, buy a streaming box to stream your TV.


You’ll have to connect your streaming device to your TV through the connectivity options it comes with.


Test for a Live Streaming Service


The next step is to search and text for a live streaming service while you still haven’t disconnected your cable TV. There are many streaming services that you can try out like;


Formuler SeriesFormuler introduces various live media streaming devices like Formuler CC, Z10 Pro, Z8, Z10 Pro Max, and many others. You can get these devices to enjoy internet streaming and online content easily.


The list doesn’t end here; there are more services that you can enjoy as an alternative to your cable TV.


All these live streaming services come with a fixed free trial time to help you determine if these services suit you or not. So, you can back off from the trial before it ends so that you won’t be charged for it.

Formuler CC


YouTube TV: It is an expensive but cable-like TV with more than 85 cable channels, unlimited cloud DVR, up to 3 streams at once feature, simple navigation option, and local ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and NBC.


Hulu TV: It comes with amazing features to replace your Cable TV. Its 65 TV channels, more than 80,000 movies and TV shows, a feature of creating up to 6 user profiles at a time, a two-screen streaming option, and a 50-hour cloud DVR to save your favorite content that you can watch later on.


Prime TV:  This live streaming service allows you to enjoy HDR and 4K Ultra HD streaming for all your favorite content. You can use its mobile downloads option to view offline content. It has an extensive list of new-release movies, cult classics, sports, indie favorites, and much more.


Sling TV: It comes with a Cloud DVR feature to help you record your favorite shows to watch later on. It comes with many packages like bundles from;

  1. Local network.
  2. HGTV, RedZone from the NFL Network, Lifetime and the Disney Channel, AMC, and Food Network, etc. 


Cancel Cable TV

So, after following the above trial steps for various streaming services, cancel your cable TV service if you are sure about shifting to live streaming services.


Continue to switch between Streaming Services.

The best thing about live streaming services is that you can cancel the subscription at any time and shift to another one as you like it.


Like, if you are bored of trying out YouTube TV and watching movies etc. you can shift to other service to enjoy other genre of your choice. You can shift to Sling Tv for sports, and other platforms as well, depending on your choice.


Cut the Cord doesn’t mean you will have to leave behind enjoying your favorite content, TV shows, movies, and other media. It is just an upgraded step towards enjoying what you like most in lesser amount.  These advanced streaming platforms allow you to shift towards enjoying something better without losing sight of what you enjoyed on your cable TV.



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